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    Kilmarnock Station Railway Heritage Trust A Community Asset
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Our mission is to promote recovery & strengthen our community


Welcome to the community hub at Kilmarnock Railway Station

We support individuals to recover from adversity and enjoy life again


Help us to support more people:

  • Visit our coffee shop




Kilmarnock Station Railway Heritage Trust was formed in 2014 to bring a number of redundant railway offices into community use. 

The first phase of the refurbishment project was completed in August 2015, creating bright modern facilities, which offer office space and meeting rooms used by a range of local groups, as well as a coffee shop and book shop. Other renovated rooms house the Glasgow & South Western Railway Association archives and the Active Travel Hub.

The charity offers volunteering and training opportunities for people affected by addiction, mental health issues, loneliness and isolation, as well as providing rehabilitation opportunities for ex-offenders.

A poem written by Moving On participants

In addition our Moving On Project supports individuals in the community affected by social isolation to recover, rediscover skills and interests, and re-connect with those around them. It is funded by the Big Lottery and the Robertson Trust.

The Trust aims to support the local community by encouraging groups and individuals to utilise the renovated spaces at the station for the benefit of the whole community. The KSRHT facilities host everything from art exhibitions and creative classes, to tai-chi, meditation, yoga and even charity comedy nights. In 2015, the Trust won the SURF Awards for Regeneration and was shortlisted for the EPIC Awards for Creative Arts.


Get involved

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Upcoming programmes

11th March - 1st April - Health and Wellness Programme
- full

8th April - 29th May - Moving On Programme - full

11th April - 6th June - Write to Recovery - spaces remaining

Health and Wellness Programme (4 weeks)
This 4 week programme is a light introduction to structured support; involving an afternoon of acupuncture and Living Life the Full sessions totalling 5 hours per week. This course is ideal for people considering participating in Moving On programme or for those interested in taking some time out for themselves, changing negative thought patterns and engaging in peer support.

Moving On Programme (8 Weeks)
This programme consists of three elements: Empowering by Example, Mindfulness and Dare to be Happier courses. Participants can choose to take part in 1,2 or 3 classes over the duration of the 8 week programme. This intensive programme is ideal for individuals wishing to make positive changes in their lives and move forward with new skills and techniques to do so.

Write to Recovery (9 weeks)
Delivered by Scottish Recovery Network one evening per week, this course is for anyone who has ever experienced some sort of distress, emotional difficulty or mental ill-health. It invites you to write your stories and experiences – and gives you tools to inspire you.

Throughout the duration of all the programmes, participants will be offered further access to a range of complimentary therapies including Yoga, Qi Gong, aromatherapy, reiki etc