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Moving On Project

The Moving On Project was launched in October 2016, funded by the Big Lottery and the Robertson Trust. The aim of the project is to support individuals dealing with social isolation including those affected by addiction, bereavement, loneliness, and mental health issues.

We provide activity, training, peer mentoring and volunteering opportunities to support people to reintegrate and be a part of their communities again. Our varied activities reduce isolation and increase people’s confidence in their ability to cope with challenges and stresses.

There were already a substantial amount of community groups and statutory services using the rooms at the station which we were able to link in with and we also identified new referral pathways.

The partnerships we have created have helped us to have a good understanding of what others are doing locally and enabled us to compliment already existing activity in the area.

We have developed a number of good working relationships with partner agencies and supported them and their clients through our project. Examples of this are the Criminal Justice women’s group, the Community Mental Health Team and their recovery and wellness programme and the Community Connectors.

The Moving On Project has been successful in empowering people, motivating them and giving them the confidence to make positive changes in their lives, enabling them to move forward and reconnect with their communities.

The programme takes place over six weeksIndividuals can tailor their programme to suit their own goals and aspirations. For example participants can choose to complete one of the courses to start with, and complete the others at a later date. We understand that often the biggest hurdle to overcome is taking that first step back into the community, and so we welcome anyone experiencing loneliness to get in touch to discuss how the programme can work for them.

Core Course Descriptions

Mindfulness -

In this six week course you will be introduced to mindfulness meditation practices, learn to notice how your mind and body are connected, and develop new techniques and strategies to help you to deal with the everyday stresses of life.

Empowering By Example - 

Gerry Murphy has over 22 years recovery experience and over 20 years’ experience of working hands on with people who struggle with life. This course will be structured as group sessions led by Gerry, covering six topics in total over the course such as relationships, habitual thoughts, anger, fear. At the end of the course participants will be able to better understand, articulate and take the steps needed to reduce their emotional pain.

Dare to Be Happier - 

The course looks at what happiness is - and isn’t. You will learn how to cultivate happiness by using key happiness habits, understand why what you think, feel and do really matters, learn how to handle your inner critic, develop resilience and - in understanding how vital self-compassion is - set better boundaries, access better stories about your life and start taking action to move your life forward.

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